Fire and Ice Music

At Fire and Ice Sports, we recognize that the songs on a sports fan’s iPod are a critical component of any enjoyable ride to the game or successful tailgate.  From time to time, Fire and Ice Sports will spotlight an emerging musical talent that might serve as a fresh addition to your playlist.  These artists have offered their productions to us “royalty free” with the hope of reaching new listeners.  We encourage you to visit the websites of these artists, buy their music, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


The Quietmen

HOB Band

Vintage Blue

222946_19317982174_9168_nJosh Damigo

Meredith O'ConnorMeredith O’Connor

Amy Lynn and the Gunshow

Dumi Right

Charlie Wheeler Band

The Mickey Finns

Dot Dot Dot

Dot Dot Dot

Shannon Haley

Music Box Dynamo

Amanda Ply

Bree Rose

Blade of Grass

Cab 20

Rod Clemmons

Philip Masorti and The Herd

Fleezy Productions

Chad Kichula

Adam Cross

Paul Nash

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